About this Blog

London Architecture Guide is a means of exploring the capital's buildings from a comfortable chair. Most weekdays we'll post an account of one of the city's more interesting structures. Geographically, they'll be completely random, so hopefully you'll encounter a few surprises, much like roaming an unfamiliar city. If you're then encouraged to take a look in person, that'll be marvellous. 

The posts will all be researched, written and illustrated by us (so please respect our copyright) with the aim of emphasising each building's architectural significance. Beyond that, experiencing architecture is largely subjective, so we won't shy away from expressing opinions. If you don't like them (or do), please feel free to comment. 

We'll feature old structures at least as much as new ones. This is not a blog about the current architectural profession (although we keep up to date), but something to whet appetites and encourage urban explorers to discover why London looks the way it does.

We also produce Edifice : London, a GPS-enabled app for discovering more about the city's architectural history on the move.

We hope you enjoy our efforts.